Saturday, August 29, 2009

All-party meeting over Assam Nagar Raj Act

GUWAHATI, Aug 29: Kamrup (metro) Deputy Commissioner Prateek Hajela today held a meeting with representatives of all political parties to discuss the proposed draft area of the 31 wards and 86 area sabhas of Guwahati Municipal Corporation (GMC) under the Assam Nagar Raj Act.
The Asom Government had justified its move to delimit the number of GMC wards on the grounds that the number of voters were not even distributed in the wards. Raising objections to the proposed draft area, the representatives of AGP and BJP who were present at the meeting, said that even in the proposed new wards the number of voters were not evenly distributed. They cited the example of the proposed ward no.29 which had 57,000 voters while the proposed ward no 22 had only 27,000 voters. They also objected to the fact that no geographical map or population figures had been provided. Hajela assured them of giving the answers to their queries by the end of this month. THE SENTINEL

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